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Good Posture HQ launches at Office and Gallery February 9th.

To celebrate the launch of our new HQ at Office and Gallery we put together a winter capsule look book with some of our favorite essential pieces including Quarter zip Pullover fleece, Egyptian-Cotton Mock Neck and a long sleeve in one of our favorite graphics. Come by the shop and meet the family.

There will be a release every Friday for the month of February.

4912 Fountain Avenue
Suite A
Los Angeles, CA

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“ ‘All For 1’ speaks to a united voice. A united front. A group gathered in one accord for a singular purpose, for your community. For the AF1, there’s no barrier to entry and that’s what I love most about it. It was the first shoe my parents bought for me. Growing up in a first generation Nigerian household, my parents wanted something that looked good new and looked good 6 months from new.

“All of the older guys who I admired in my neighborhood wore them, and I wanted to be just like them. I’d wash them with toothbrushes to keep ‘em clean, threw the laces in the washer and hung them to dry. Everyone shares that story because we’ve all done it. That’s part of the community.”

Cereal & such founder Theo Martins speaks on his love for the Air Force 1. Read more about the experience and the installation taking place here: http://gonike.me/forcela

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"Keeping It Together" Look Book & Preview.

Collection out June 29th 7AM PST

Photos by Scott Turner

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I went back to my alma mater to speak on their ACN Panel. Really incredible time meeting so many kids out there who looked like me, asking the questions I used to ask others. Thank you to Bobby, Wynston, and everyone at the ACN, along with Talent Development.

Photography by Isaiah Folarin

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Good Posture for The University of Rhode Island. Celebrating Theo Martins' panel discuss at the University, March 29th 2018. A full Champion branded Collection including, Champion Reverse Weave Sweat pants & Crew necks, Champion Short Sleeve T-Shirts.

"URI Posture" Collection available Thursday April 5 9am PST.

Proceeds from your purchase will go towards University of RI's Talent Development Program.

Photography by Isaiah Folarin


We all know the famous Trick Daddy line so I'm going to save you the hoopla and inform you that we now make clothes and accessories for the kids too.

Now in our shop (right hand corner, click that button)

More to come <3

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beautiful, aint it? new enamel pins from Cereal & such, along with a select few items restocked for your pleasure.

Click the "shop" link on your right hand corner to get started. <3


we held a listening session for n*e*r*d’s “no one ever really dies” album and asked attendees to leave notes on the provided track list as we went through it. 

listening to the album collectively with other friends, fans and newcomers was special. every time i hear the opening to the album i immediately think of that evening. what a good time. thanks to everyone for coming, i hope those mempties are with you too.


Kanyeunivercity era. Birthed a bunch of us. Alot of careers too. Every blog post on that site was a home run. I think it's time to get back to sharing the process and perhaps, slowing it down for you to see the details. So here we are. Good Posture. Bookmark us and come back now and then. Looking forward to looking back at this.