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Making Cereal & Such: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Born From Greed

Cereal and such was born from Greed. As a child I was incredibly greedy. I loved sweets. I could not get enough of it. My mother would say in Yoruba, " Sugar ti, Fo L'Ori", which translates to, sugar is on his brain. And it was.

I would put loads of sugar in tea. I would put sugar in my cereal and over time I began to suffer migraines because of my poor nutrition. And so by exploring and trying to understand why I was so compelled by the sugar is what gave birth to Cereal and Such.

I opened my cereal bar in 2017 and it was the first time I was able to watch the thing that I obsessed over. I got to put on display the thing I obsessed over. And so by opening that obsession for the world to see, I was able to understand where it derived from. In that I was able to explore and ask questions.

When children would come to my cereal bar and eat cereal, I felt very uncomfortable. A lot of the emotions that I didn't realize were coming to the surface. And I wanted to explore why?