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Making Cereal & Such (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3: The Full Scope

The process of making Cereal has been a deep examination within myself because I knew that it was good. It was just different. And if it was different, I had to understand why. And that alone is why I do it. I do it to Understand. Because once I understand I'm not confined by the what ifs. I'm moving with zero doubt. And with zero doubt, I have absolute clarity. And when my mind is clear. I make the best and most pure Art.

I've learned that when I love something it's important to give it away, to give it free rein, to watch where it goes. To watch how people touch it and see it and experience it. Because in doing that, you're able to get a better and clearer perspective as to Why and Why. You're able to see where it goes.

The Truth is what you think you know, is not what you know. It's filtered through your own intellect. It's filtered through your singular view. And as long as it's a singular view, you will not see the full scope of things as they are.