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For how old this film was shot the themes have not gone stale one bit. Also, the man was styled incredibly well throughout this film. Was never a Phat Farm fan but the Sean John looks & FUBU Blazer were 10/10. RIP Bernie Mack, every scene he shot was legendary.

    Mark Hamil is one of the greatest voice actors ever. He said he'd stand when he voiced the Joker and you could feel it in his delivery. It's energizing. Also crazy this animation was neo-noir, I love the tone of the series so much. So dark but still so light.  

      The musical openings are amazing. 10/10 film series. Beyonce's film debut (Styling was 10/10 and her interactions with Mini Me –– crazy. On screen kiss with Mike Myers!!!!!!!!!)


      Jay Roach is unbeatable. Dustin Hoffman & Barbara Streisand playing your parents is a wild fantasy. So good. Love the home of the Fockers too. Reminds me of growing up in the Northeast.