Cereal & Such breakfasts at Asi Asi. Check Updates for further information 🌈☁️✨

"Do What You Came To Do" in Partnership with Basic.Space (Interactive Installation) October 2021

"Theo's House" in Partnership with Vans 66 (Interactive Experience) August 2021

"Posture Walking Club" in Partnership with HOKA (Interactive Installation) Ongoing 

"Keeping You Company" w/ Marta & Plant Paper (Sculpture) September 2020

"Oni Suru" (Interactive Installation) June 2019

PostureWorks Yoga Programming (Interactive Installation) May 2019

Nike Air Force 1 (Interactive Installation) Dec. 2018

Lecture, University of Rhode Island. March 2018

"Cereal & Such" Urban Outfitters (Concept Art Installation) Aug. 2017

"Secluded" The Line Hotel (Conceptual Experience) Oct. 2016

"Reebok Retrospective(Interactive Art Experience)

In Partnership with Reebok Classics April. 2016

"Basics" (Interactive Art Experience)

Featuring Charles Staunton, Alexis Ross & Dane Young, Los Angeles Jan. 2016

Lecture, Oberlin College, 2016