Cereal & Such breakfasts at Asi Asi. Check Updates for further information 🌈☁️✨


Co-branded designs for Media company Iconoclast incorporating our Posture Walking Man logo. Growing up watching lots of films and TV, this was an opportunity to envision Posture as a Film Production company. Tea cups were pitched but the idea was veto'd.


"Posture Walking Club" in Partnership with HOKA

A partnership with HOKA supporting the launch of our Posture Walking Club. Posture directed several of the campaigns on behalf of HOKA.

Big Smiles

To support Cereal & Such's, "Big Smile" Campaign we launched a series of wheat pastes by the interstate exit.

"Keeping You Company" w/ Marta & Plant Paper

The Toilet Holder Sculpture by Theo Martins was a reinterpretation of the random toys found at a Doctors office. For the Under / Over exhibition. Powder coated stainless steel welded to specifications.



Nike "All For One" Interactive Cereal & Such cereal bar. Direction & build design with Nike. 

Offset for Posture Orthopedics

Fun Fact: This was taken the day before Migos', "Bad & Boujee" single was released.

Cinnamon Squares

Product packaging, design, direction and flavor development for Cereal & Such "Cinnamon Squares" cereal.


Posture designed Office Supply products for "Ten Box Festival" at Japanese Department Store Isetan.


Office & Gallery


A conceptual gallery and office in East Hollywood that housed both Posture and Cereal & Such products. The concept was designed like a traditional office with a cereal bar for refreshments. Posture oversaw complete construction of the build.

 Urban Outfitters

Posture rebuilt Cereal & Such's cereal bar inside of Urban Outfitters Hollywood Space. The launch saw a performance from Theo Martins using the Cereal bar as a backdrop. Customers were able to purchase cereal & interact with the set up.


Partnered with Dallas watch company Breda on a selection of timepieces. Posture designed 3 color ways: Rose Gold, Silver & Gold.



A quirky take on our 3rd collaboration with Dallas watch company, Breda, we made watches for Cereal & Such with watch face that read, "It's Always For Cereal".


Reebok Classics “This Is Classic”

We launched an exhibition for Reebok's "This Is Classic". The idea was to depict an artist creating a classic in real time, with Blue The Great creating a mural that would be destroyed immediately following its completion. Posture designed the exhibition build out & props.


Jason Markk Walking Club Insoles

Posture partnered with shoe care designer Jason Markk on a pair of footwear insoles to support our Posture Walking Club.The insole can be inserted in any footwear option, allowing the club to be joined by anyone. 

Westfield Mall


Cereal & Such took over the Footaction store in Westfield Mall Inglewood for a custom T-Shirt design & cereal party. Posture designed original logos in partnership with Footaction & facilitated in-store build.

Cereal & Such

A cereal bar that begun as a Los Angeles office space for Posture. The brand has since produced its own line of small batch cereal.

Oni Suru

To celebrate the launch of our Spring Collection Posture launched with an installation at Office & Gallery.